Rahul Sankrityayan Paryatan Puraskar Yojna for indian authors in Hindi on Indian tourism


Ministry Of Tourism


This scheme encourages original book writing in Hindi on Indian tourism related subjects, and gives awards to the outstanding ones.

Subjects related to tourism i.e., adventure, sports, beach, wildlife, mountaineering, trekking, hill tourism, water sports, holiday and leisure, travelogue and travel industry related to tourism; hotel industry, hotel management, applied nutrition & catering technology; tourist places of India and facilities available/to be made available there and tourism infrastructural facilities and potential of tourism promotion; maintenance and preservation of historical and cultural heritage; recreational facilities made available to tourists and related creative suggestions; tourist related statistics, scheme-wise budget and measures for tourism promotion; organising of national and international fairs, festivals, exhibitions, conferences and conventions and description of facilities available/to be made available; components helpful in increasing tourist arrival i.e. rules related to travel agents, tour operators, tourist car operators and hoteliers, their implementation and suggestions thereof; any other subjects related to tourism, etc., apart from those mentioned above; Indian archaeology such as monuments and their maintenance, epigraphs, museums and excavation, etc., and any other subject of archaeological importance. These should be of minimum 100 pages length excluding enclosures.

The book should not be a publication written under any Government contract or under any Government scheme.

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Central Government of India



Any citizen of India including in-service and retired officers/employe

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