Current Rajya Sabha Members of BJD

Last Updated on 8 August 2016

Total 8 members has been elected to the Rajya Sabha on the ticket of BJD party. Biju janata Dal(BJD) political party has maximum number of MLAs in Odisha state assembly, therefore most of the Rajya Sabha MPs of BJD are from Odisha. Presently BJD has the maximum numbers of Rajya Sabha members among all other political parties of Odisha.

Rajya Sabha members (MPs) of Biju Janata Dal(BJD) are listed below. The list contains member name and their State.

List of Biju Janata Dal(BJD) Rajya Sabha members
S.No. BJD Rajya Sabha Member Name Name of State
1A.U. Singh DeoOdisha
2Anubhav MohantyOdisha
3N. Bhaskar RaoOdisha
4Bishnu Charan DasOdisha
5Dilip Kumar TirkeyOdisha
6Narendra Kumar SwainOdisha
7Prasanna AcharyaOdisha
8Sarojini HembramOdisha

Biju Janata Dal's 8  Rajya Sabha Members are elected from Odisha for a term of six Years.  see Odiha Rajya Sabha Members.

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