Current Rajya Sabha Members of samajwadi party (SP)

Last Updated on 8 August 2016

Total 19 members has been elected to the Rajya Sabha on the ticket of samajwadi party (SP). samajwadi party (SP) has maximum number of MLAs in Uttar Pradesh state assembly, therefore most of the Rajya Sabha MPs of samajwadi party (SP) are from Uttar Pradesh. Presently samajwadi party (SP) party has the maximum numbers of Rajya Sabha members among all other political parties of Uttar Pradesh. samajwadi party (SP) is the Third largest party in the Rajya Sabha.

Rajya Sabha members (MPs) of samajwadi party (SP) are listed below. The list contains member name and their State.

List of samajwadi party (SP) Lok Sabha members
S.No. SP Rajya Sabha Member Name Name of State
1Naresh AgrawalUttar Pradesh
2Smt. Jaya BachchanUttar Pradesh
3Javed Ali KhanUttar Pradesh
4Kiranmay NandaUttar Pradesh
5Vishambhar Prasad NishadUttar Pradesh
6Chaudhary Munvvar SaleemUttar Pradesh
7Neeraj ShekharUttar Pradesh
8Dr.Tazeen FatmaUttar Pradesh
9Alok TiwariUttar Pradesh
10Ravi Prakash VermaUttar Pradesh
11Dr. Chandrapal Singh YadavUttar Pradesh
12Darshan Singh YadavUttar Pradesh
13Prof. Ram Gopal YadavUttar Pradesh
14Amar SinghUttar Pradesh
15Beni Prasad VermaUttar Pradesh
16Rewati Raman SinghUttar Pradesh
17Sanjay SethUttar Pradesh
18Sukhram Singh YadavUttar Pradesh
19Surendra NagarUttar Pradesh

samajwadi party's 19  Rajya Sabha Members are elected from Uttar Pradesh for a term of six Years.  See Uttar Pradesh Rajya Sabha Members.

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