R and D Activities of Coir Board under the Central Sector Plan of Science and Technology


Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises


The Coir Board has been mandated with undertaking, assisting or encouraging scientific, technological and economic research and maintaining and assisting one or more research institutions. Two R&D institutes, namely; CCRI, Alleppey and CICT, Bengaluru are functioning under the Coir Board.

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Central Government of India


To encourage S&T economic research and maintain and assist research, institutions - CCRI, Alleppey and CICT, Bengaluru


Assistance is provided only to the two R&D institute's functioning under the Coir Board.



The grant is released to the two R&D institutes: CCRI, Alleppey and CICT, Bengaluru by the Government through the Coir Board for R&D activities and creation of infrastructure & civil construction/repairs, etc., relating to R&D activities only as specified in the action plan under different programme heads of the scheme.

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll-Free Number] Free Number] for queries relating to these Schemes.

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Micro, small and Medium enterprises

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