Scheme for Scheduled Caste Welfare students financial assistance


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Under the Scheduled Castes Development Bureau, the Ministry implements Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan (SCSP), which is an umbrella strategy to ensure flow of targeted financial and physical benefits from all general sectors of development for the benefit of Scheduled Castes. Under the strategy, States/UTs are required to formulate and implement a Special Component Plan (SCP) for Scheduled Castes as part of their Annual Plans by earmarking resources. At present 27 States/UTs having a sizeable SC population are implementing the Scheduled Caste Sub-Plan.

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Central Government of India


The main objective of the scheme is to upgrade merits of SC students by providing with facilities for all round development through education in residential schools.


Each state may use its own discretion in deciding the number and location of schools in different districts/towns on the basis of their illiterate population of SCs.



Package of Rs.25,000 per student per year.

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

Contact to the state government




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