Scheme of post-matric scholarship for students belonging to the minority communities

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India


The Scheme of ‘post-matric scholarship’ for students belonging to the minority communities provides a post-matric scholarship scheme for meritorious students from minority communities.

The scholarship is given for studies in India in a government or private higher secondary school/college/university, including such residential institutes/colleges of the Government Of India and eligible private institutes selected and notified in a transparent manner by the State Government/Union Territory Administration concerned.

This scheme will also cover technical and vocational courses in Industrial Training Institutes/ Industrial Training Centres affiliated with the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) of classes 11th standard and 12th standard.


This scheme aims to achieve the following goals:

  • The objective of the scheme is to give scholarships to meritorious students belonging to economically weaker sections of any one of the minority community.
  • To provide students/candidatesbelonging to minority community better opportunities for higher education, increase their rate of attainment in higher education
  • Also to provide employment to the students/candidates


The student/ candidate should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Scholarship will be given to the students who have secured more than 50% marks or equivalent grade in the previous final examination. The annual income of whose parents/guardian from all sources should not more than Rs.2.00 lakh. The students/candidates belonging to below poverty line(BPL) will be preferred in ascending order. The renewal applications would be fully exhausted before the new applications are considered.
  2. The scholarship will be terminated if a student fails to obtain 50% marks or equivalent grade in the previous final examination. The scholarship will not be given for more than the normal period of time taken to obtain Certificate/Degree/M. Phil Degree/Doctorate Degree.
  3. Scholarships will not be given to more than two students/candidates in a family.
  4. The students should be regular in attendance. On this basis also the scholarship is counted by the competent authority of the school/college/university.
  5. Migration of students from one Institution to another would not normally be allowed during the course of the academic year except under exceptional circumstances and in the interest of the student’s academic career.
  6. If a student fails to comply with any other term and condition of the scholarship, the scholarship may be terminated or cancelled. The State Government/Union Territory Administration can also directly cancel the scholarship if duly satisfied of the reasons of violation of these regulations.
  7. If a student is found to have obtained a scholarship by submitting fake/fraud or false statement/certificates, Scholarship will be terminated forthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid shall be recovered from the candidate/student
  8. Course fee/tuition fee and maintenance allowance will be credited directly to the students’ bank account directly.
  9. The student obtaining benefits under this scholarship scheme shall not be allowed to avail of benefits under any other scholarship scheme implemented by State Government/UT Administration, for the same purpose.
  10. The students from the minority community, who may also belong to SC/ST/OBC category, does not avail scholarship from other sources for the same purpose and avail only from one source.
  11. The fund for distribution of scholarships in subsequent years will be released after receiving the utilization certificate for the previous year.
  12. The scheme will be evaluated at regular intervals by the Ministry or any other agency designated by the Ministry and the cost of the evaluation study will be borne by the Ministry under the provision of the scheme.
  13. The regulations can be changed time to time by Government of India.


Students belonging to one of the minority community.


The actual financial assistance will be provided for course fee/tuition fee and maintenance allowance as given below(Rate of Scholarship):

Rate of Scholarship
Sl.No Item Hosteller Day scholar
1. Admission and tuition fee for classes (XI and XII ) Actual subject to the maximum ceiling of Rs. 7000 per annum Actual subject to a maximum saving of Rs. 7000 per annum
2. Admission and course / tuition fee for technical and vocational courses of XI and XII level.( Includes fees /charges for raw materials etc ) Actual subject to the maximum saving of Rs. 10,000 per annum Actual subject to the maximum saving of Rs. 10,000 per annum
3. Admission and tuition fee for under graduate, post graduate. Actual subject to a maximum saving of Rs. 3000 per annum Actual subject to a maximum saving of Rs. 3000 per annum
4. Maintenance allowance for 10 months only in an academic year (Includes expenses for study material, etc. )
4.1 (i) Classes XI and XII including technical and vocational courses of this level. Rs. 235 per month Rs. 140 per month
4.2 (ii) Courses other than technical and professional courses at under-graduate and post graduate level. Rs. 355 per month Rs. 185 per month
4.3 (iii) M. Phil and Ph. D (For those researchers who are not awarded any fellowship by university or any other authority ) Rs. 510 per month Rs. 330 per month

Hosteller include students who are not staying in hostel of the school/institute concerned or those provided by the State Government/Union Territory Administration concerned

How To Apply

Contact to any of the followings:

  1. Contact to Head of the school/institute/college Or
  2. Students can apply for the scholarship in the prescribed application to the Department dealing with minority welfare of his/her State/UT, on advertisement published by the State Government/ Union Territory Administration concerned.
  3. For more information you may visit to the e-Scholarships : Minority Welfare Scholarships System website to Apply Online.

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