Scheme To Provide Quality Education In Madrasas (SPQEM) for Muslim children Training, textbooks, computers, science/maths kits


Scheme To Provide Quality Education In Madrasas (SPQEM) seeks to bring about qualitative improvement in Madrasas to enable Muslim children to attain standards of the national education system in formal education subjects


The main objective of this scheme are summarised as below:

  • To strengthen capacities in Madrasas for teaching of the formal curriculum subjects like Science, Mathematics, Language, Social Studies etc. through enhanced payment of teacher honorarium.
  • To provide training of such teachers every two years in new pedagogical practices.
  • To provide Science labs, Computer labs with annual maintenance costs in the secondary and higher secondary stage madrasas.
  • Provision of Science/Mathematics kits in primary/upper primary level madrassas.
  • To strengthen of libraries/book banks and providing teaching learning materials at all levels of madrasas.
  • To encourage traditional institutions like Madrasas and Maktabs by giving financial assistance to introduce science, mathematics, social studies, Hindi and English in their curriculum so that academic proficiency for classes I-XII is attainable for children studying in these institutions.
  • To provide opportunities for vocational training for children studying in Madrasas opting for assistance above 14 years of age, to enhance their opportunities for entering the job market and encourage entrepreneurship.


  1. Madrasas which have been in existence at least for three years and registered under Central or State Government Acts of India or Madrasa Board or with Waqf Boards or NIOS shall be eligible to apply for assistance under this programme.
  2. All Madrasas opting to be covered by distance education mode and availing of government grant will need to be accredited with the NIOS. Madrasas applying for financial assistance under the scheme to the State Government would have to provide documentary evidence of their affiliation/accreditation to the State Madrasa Boards/NIOS. The Madrasa would for this purpose send an application for accreditation/affiliation to NIOS. Once the Madrasa has been accredited by the NIOS, as study centers the NIOS shall take thereafter, all necessary steps for conducting the academic activities of the study centres in such Madrasas.
  3. Training will be set up in groups of Madrasa teachers appointed under the scheme by SCERTs/DIETs/BRCs and the funds for this purpose will be provided to the training institutions through the State Government. Submission of certificate for successful completion of training duly signed by the representative of the training institution will need to be maintained by the State Government and furnished to the Central Grant-in-aid Committee annually.
  4. Madrasas with respect to whom expenditure on account of the honorarium of the teachers is met by the State Government will not be eligible for salary component under the scheme. However, such Madrasas will be eligible for financial assistance under other components of the scheme.
  5. Madrasas availing financial assistance for teacher training, textbooks, computers, science/maths kits etc. from any other State/Central Scheme will not be eligible for that component under this scheme.


Financial assistance to Maktabs/Madrassas/Dar-ul-ulooms


Financial assistance

  1. For appointment of teachers for teaching Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Languages, Computer Application and Science, subject to availability of a minimum of ten students in each subject, each full-time Graduate teacher will be paid a salary for 12 months @ Rs.6000/-p.m. and post Graduate/B.Ed. Rs.12000/- p.m. State Governments/Madrassa Boards would ensure that larger Madrassas with higher student enrolment recruit better-qualified teachers.
  2. For strengthening the libraries/book banks and providing teaching learning materials at primary/middle/Secondary and senior secondary levels, one-time assistance up to Rs.50,000/-followed by an annual grant of Rs.5000/- will be provided to each Madrassa.
  3. For purchase of Science kits, Maths kits, and other essential pedagogical equipment for teaching modern subjects a grant up to a maximum amount of Rs.15000/- will be provided.
  4. Financial assistance will also be provided for establishment of Science/Computer Labs/workshops in Madrassas at the Secondary/Senior Secondary levels up to the a maximum of Rs.100000 for each of the labs followed by an annual grant of Rs.5000 for maintenance/purchase of consumables.
  5. Financial assistance will be provided for conducting in-service teacher training programmes for the teachers appointed under the scheme in madrassas to upgrade their pedagogical skills. Training will be arranged in groups by SCERTs/DIETs/BRCs etc. and the funds for this purpose will be provided to the training institution through the State Government. Rs. 100/- per day per teacher trainee for a maximum of 15 days training, will be paid to the training institution to cover training expenses and TA/DA of the trainee teacher.
  6. Financial assistance will be provided to meet registration fees, examination fees and cost of study materials supplied by the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) up to 100% for each student opting for study through NIOS at secondary and senior secondary level.
  7. Madrassas can also opt for vocational courses offered by NIOS after fulfilling norms & standards set by NIOS. The registration fees would be met4 from the scheme as in (f) above. There will be linkages of madrassas with industry, ITIs set up by the Ministry of Labour and Employment etc. which are in the vicinity, for the use of workshops and for promoting employment opportunities.
  8. Financial assistance will be provided to State Madrassa Boards opting for assistance, to strengthen their capacity to monitor the SPQEM, by providing recurring financial assistance of Rs. 5.0 lakhs per year for each Madrassa Board. The assistance will be for appointment of qualified & competent staff; computerization of office; office equipment; research & evaluation; and awareness generation amongst the Muslim community for participation in education.
  9. For purposes of publicity, monitoring & evaluation of the scheme at the level of Government of India, a recurring grant up to a limit of Rs. 50 lakh per year will be provided.

How To Apply

Contact to Secretary of the State/UT.

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

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