Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women (STEP), India


Ministry Of Women And Child Development


STEP advocates an integrated package of inputs aiming at the self-reliance and empowerment of women by enhancing their productivity and enabling them to take up income generation activities. The ultimate endeavour of each project should be to develop the group to thrive on a self-sustaining basis in the market place with minimal Government support and intervention after the project period is over.

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Central Government of India


The scheme aims at:

  1. Mobilising women in small viable groups and making facilities available through training,
  2. Providing access to credit and other inputs.
  3. Providing training for skill up-gradation
  4. Enabling groups of women to take up employment-cum-income generation programmes of their own, or to access wage employment
  5. Providing support services for further improving the employment conditions of women and for access to health care, literacy, legal literacy, and other information.




100% assistance:

Project staff and administrative cost

Training: stipend, training of trainers, skill up gradation/reinforcement, training-cum-production centres and raw material for training

Support to members for formation of co-operative societies, producers workers cooperative, leading to formal legal organisations Support services: Education, general awareness, health care, sanitation, nutrition/crèche facilities for dependent children. Wherever convergences of these services are not available these will be provided as part of the project cost Marketing support: Marketing/sales personnel, stock provision and buyers’ credit, godowns, marketing outlets, quality control and managerial support

50% assistance

Construction of individual work sheds and production centres not related to training – 50% of the total cost of this component will be borne by the Government of India and 50% to be borne by the implementing agency.

Working capital/raw material requirements:

Financial assistance will be provided for working capital and raw material in a phased manner, starting with 100% during the first year, 50% in the second year and 30% in the third year of the project. This phasing is considered essential to minimising the otherwise exorbitant costs and also with the ultimate aim of enabling the STEPproject to make the sub-projects self-sufficient or reach them to a status where the beneficiaries of the STEPproject will meet their requirements as an individual.

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

Contact to any of the folowing:

  1. To Public sector organisations
  2. To District Rural Development Agencies
  3. To federations
  4. To co-operatives and voluntary organisations




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