Chief Minister’s Girl Protection Scheme financial assistance

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Tamil Nadu


The Objectives of this scheme are:

  • To provide timely and enhanced financial assistance to the girl child.
  • To promote education of the girl child
  • To eradicate female infanticide
  • To discourage the preference for male child
  • To promote small family norm


The following eligibility criteria should be fulfilled:

  1. The family only has one girl child and no male child in the family.
  2. Age of the child should be less than 3 years at the time of enrollment in the scheme.
  3. Annual income of the family should not exceed Rs. 72,000/-
  4. Either of the parents should have undergone sterilization within 35 years of age.


The Girl Child


An initial amount of Rs. 22,200/- or Rs. 50,000/- (born on or after 01/08/2011) as fixed deposit will be deposited in Tamil Nadu Power Finance Corporation.

How To Apply

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Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Tamil Nadu.

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Women and Child

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