Cradle Baby Scheme to eliminate female infanticide Financial Assistance

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Tamil Nadu


The objective of this scheme are as below:

  • To eliminate the incidence of female infanticide and to create awareness among people regarding equality of gender.
  • To provide social empowerment to girl children.


The following Eligibility Criteria and Conditions Should be fulfilled:

  1. Cradles are placed in reception centers, District social welfare board offices, District Collectorates, Hospitals, Primary Health Centers, Orphanages, and Children Homes to receive unwanted babies
  2. Surrendered/abandoned children are then placed in Government recognized institutions/centres for adoption by eligible couples
  3. The differently abled children who are unable to be given in for adoption are handed over to specialized agencies for care and protection.
  4. NGO/citizens are encouraged to bring abandoned babies.
  5. The District social welfare officer and extension officers (Social welfare) are the officials for availing the information to beneficiaries and also organize camps, seminars and conferences to create awareness about female infanticide.
  6. Cradle baby centers set up cost is Rs. 47.45 lakh and each center have a superintendent, an assistant nurse, an assistant and other workers and adequate stock of milk powder, medicine and clothes.


Deserted, abandoned & surrendered babies


Under Assistance to scheme for Girls Child, an amount of Rs.50,000 is deposited in the name of a girl child for a family with only one girl child and a sum of Rs.25,000 is deposited for a family with two girl children. The fixed deposit will be renewed periodically once in five years. An annual incentive of Rs.1,800 is being given to the girl children on completion of the five years of deposit and it will continue up to the 20th year of deposit for her educational purpose. The maturity value is payable to girl child only if the child studies up to 10th Std. and has appeared for the Public Examination. The fixed deposits under the scheme are maintained with the Tamil Nadu Power Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, in a specially designed cumulative interest payment scheme.

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