Top Class Education for ST Students tuition fees, boarding, lodging expenses, books and computer


This scheme aims to encourage meritorious ST students for pursuing studies at Degree and Post Graduate level in any of the Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for the purpose. Scholarship once given will continue until completion of the course subject to satisfactory performance. Amount of Scholarship covers tuition fees, boarding and lodging expenses, book grant and a one-time grant for purchase of a Computer along with its accessories.


The objective of this scheme is to encourage meritorious ST students for pursuing studies at Degree and Post Graduate level.


The student should satisy the following conditions:

  1. The total annual income of the family of the student from all sources should not more than Rs. 4.50 lakh
  2. Only those Scheduled Tribe students who have got admission in notified Institutions can avail the scholarship.
  3. If the number of the ST students admitted in a particular Institution exceeds the number of awards allocated to that Institutions than the scholarship will be restricted to that number of students who occupied top slots in the inter-se merit list.


Students belonging to Scheduled Tribe students


The benefits are as followings

  1. Full amount of tuition fee and other non-refundable dues in respect of Government/Government-funded institutions are paid.
  2. In the case of students studying in private sector institutions a ceiling of Rs. 2.00 lakh per annum per student will apply normally.
  3. In the case of students in private sector flying clubs for Commercial Pilot Training the ceiling is Rs. 3.72 lakh per annum per student.
  4. Living expenses are paid as per actual, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 2200/- per month per student.
  5. Expenditure on Books and stationery is paid @ Rs. 3000/- per annum per student. The cost of the latest computer along with accessories limited to Rs. 45,000/- as one-time assistance during the entire course is paid to the student.

How To Apply

Contact to Head of the Institution

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Ministry Of Tribal Affairs

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