"USTTAD" Scheme Upgrading the Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/ Crafts for Development, fellowship


India is known for its traditions, culture, unity etc. Basically, the minority communities in India are known for their traditional skills, arts and crafts. But due to forces of competitive market/ business strategies and globalization, and deteriorating the socioeconomic condition of master craftsmen/artisan, these traditionally valuable skills are not being pursued by the young generation. To preserve the skills, traditional arts/crafts, so this scheme is initiated by the Government of India There is a need to augment traditional arts and entrepreneurial skill which are the backbone of the cottage and small scale industry and establish better market linkages, enhance branding and ensure access to credit.

The scheme aims to build a capacity building and updating the traditional skills of master craftsmen/artisans.These trained master craftsmen/artisan will train the minority youths in various specific traditional arts/crafts. Ministry of Minority Affairs initiated this scheme in the form of the skill development program for all important traditional arts/crafts being practiced by minority communities, for their development and market linkages.


The prime objectives of this scheme are as below:

  • To build capacity of master craftsmen/artisans and training of young generation through the master craftsmen/ artisans for traditionalarts/crafts.
  • To Set up standards of identified arts/ crafts and their documentation.
  • To set up linkages of traditional skills with the global market.
  • To enhance employability of existing workers, school dropouts etc.
  • To improve better livelihood for marginalized minorities and bring them into the mainstream.
  • To enable minorities to avail opportunities in the growing market.
  • To ensure dignity of labour.
  • To encourage in the fields of Design development and Research Development in traditional arts/crafts.


To avail the benefits of this scheme Trainees/beneficiaries should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The trainee should belong to one of the minority communities.However, to empower inter-community solidarity, 25% candidates belonging to BPL families of non-minority communities may also be considered.In addition, 3% seats will also be reserved for differently abled persons belonging to minority communities.
  2. The age limit of the trainee should be in between 14-35 years of age. Upper age limit may be relaxed for differently abled persons belonging to minorities.
  3. The minimum qualification of trainee should be at least Class 5th standard.This may also be relaxed for differently abled persons belonging to minorities.
  4. More than one member of a family is eligible for training in the same art/craft form, provided she/he fulfills the eligibility criteria.


The trainee/student/candidate belonging to the minority communities


The facilities provided by this scheme are as below:

  1. Up-gradation of Skills and Training in Traditional Arts/Crafts through Institutions.
  2. USTTAD Fellowship for Research and Development.
  3. Support to Craft museum for curating traditional arts/ crafts.
  4. Support to minority communities craftsmen/artisans for marketing their products.

The rate of fellowship is as below:

  1. The rates for Senior Research Fellow as per University Grants Commission will be applicable. The Fellowship will be given for three years. Fellowship for 1st and 2nd year will be @ Rs. 18,000/- p.m. and for the 3rd year @ Rs. 20,000/- p.m. depending on the progress of research work.
  2. The Fellowship would be the admissible maximum for 3 years. If the research is not completed within 3 years, it may be extended by maximum one year more @ Rs.20,000/- p.m. with the approval of competent authority on the merit of the case and progress of Research Work.
  3. The funds will be transferred on a half-yearly basis (Fellowship for 6 months in one go)in the bank account of the student directly by the Ministry through e-transfer. The first fund of the first year would be transferred to the bank account after 6 months of securing admission in Ph.D. Subsequent funds would be transferred after every 6 months accordingly.

How To Apply

Need to reply an advertisement in newspapers and official website of the Ministry from Project Implementing Agencies (PIAs) and Knowledge Partners as per need.

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Ministry of Minority Affairs

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