Scheme for Welfare Measures (CoirWorkers) financial compensation


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The Coir Board is implementing the plan scheme ‘Welfare Measures-Coir Workers Group Personal Accident Insurance’ scheme for providing financial compensation to deceased/disabled coir worker/nominee. The entire insurance premium is paid by the Coir Board to the insurance company selected by calling quotations. The financial compensation is provided by the insurance company to the disabled coir workers or nominee of the disabled or deceased coir workers

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Accident insurance providing financial compensation to the disabled/nominee


Coir workers aged 18 years and above engaged in the industry (no upper age limit) are covered under the insurance scheme. The disabled coir worker or nominee of the disabled/deceased coir worker can apply for the claim. Considering the welfare of the women who form the majority of the group proposed, the accident in their case will include death and disablement arising out of and traceable to sterilisation and consequent complications, arising out of pregnancy, childbirth, caesarean hysterectomy, removal of the breast as well as murder and rape, etc.



Compensations payable under the scheme are given below.

  1. Accident death: Rs.50,000
  2. Permanent total disability: Rs.50,000
  3. Permanent partial disability: Rs.25,000
  4. Provision for finger cut: Depending upon the finger and limited to applicable percentages of capital sum insured.

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

In the event of an eligible admissible claim, the claim form should be submitted through the offices of Coir Board authorised for the purpose within the time limit fixed by disabled coir worker or a nominee of the disabled/deceased coir worker.




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